HI Thomas,

Thank you for letting me know that the pens have arrived back safely and better still that you like the results of my work.
The three nibs all needed something different done to them...
The Cross was cleaned so that I could see what was going on, then it was taken apart and cleaned again. The nib needed to be re-set, what was happening was that the nib was moving on the feed while it was in use so that it never behaved exactly the same twice in a row, the ink flow would be insufficient and inconsistent so there would be some scratching and some skipping. When the nib was reset I made sure that it stayed still and would get a reliable and adequate ink supply, the checked to see if there was any further work needed....a bit of fine tuning and it was good to go.
The Aurora and some fo the same problems as the Cross as well as the slightly quirky feel of an Aurora nib of this type, there seems to be a degree of 'feel' or 'feedback' from Aurora nibs no matter what one does to them, I have to ignore this when I tune them otherwise I would spend hours trying to do the almost impossible....as it was I did the same things as I did to the Cross and then did a little further tweaking to make the 'feedback' as unnoticeable as I could.
The Pelikan EF is a funny nib, they can be very sweet and easy to live with, if you like EF nibs that is, or they can be a real pain to get right, same routine to begin with, clean it, inspect it, take it apart and clean everything again, re-set adjust and smooth then deal with some very particular Pelikan EF issues, the tips can splay apart and the nib can bend back away from the feed, only slightly but if it is not sorted then the nib will never work properly....everything was corrected and I thought that this wrote very nicely indeed, for an EF that is, not my favourite nibs to use or work on.


Thank you, John, for your nice work on my favorites, a Cross Townsend, a Pelikan M1000 and–my alltime favorite–the Aurora Talentum. They didn´t lose their character, an Aurora nib is still this special kind of feedback nib as it should be. 


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